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Discount megasites and affiliate programs
Many large online sites offer affiliate programs which are available to any webmaster that wishes to place one or more links on their site back to the sponsoring companies webstore.  Affiliate programs are a great way to add advertising content to their website and provide useful links to similar products and services that compliment the context of their web pages.

Cash cow (continued from home page)

Ok it's lesson time!
These simple to understand steps are going to help you to milk the "cash cow" for some easy online "mooo-lahh"
Step #1
  1. To take advantage of many of the goods, offers, and earn your cash you must have a debit or credit card.
  2. (Best free money sites does not endorse nor do I promote any one debit card or "stored value credit card" program, company, and or specific debit or e-cash product.)                I stongly advise anyone making purchases or submittingg any personal information and financial transaction info to USE A PREPAID/STORED CASH VALUE CARD WHEN DOING IMPLEMENTING THIS SYSTEM! 
  3. OK now you have your card, and you are ready to do some rewarding things!  Go to a reward site, preferrably  one that you have been referred to by a member who has been paid and can truly recommend the program from personal positive experience.
  5. Make sure when you jon that the minimum cashout requirements are "do-able" or reasonably reachable in a selected time frame.  Many sites may look good at first glance but when you read the membership terms you will quickly ascertain whether or not the program has "stacked the deck" against the participants reaching payout.  BE CAREFUL!  Many of these sites will specify a timeframe in which your incentive points or accumulated cash value will expire if not redeemed withing the specified time limitations.  

Ok your a member, a cardholder, and have browsed the selection of offers for products and or services which interest you, and that will add up to the pay-off as you complete each offers terms and ordering process.
Now it gets tricky.  Here is where a good e-mail based calendar program can really save your campaign or leave you shelling out more that $1 or two.
  • each of the offers that you join have specific required elements to serve the terms that are specified between the site owner and the product distributor.  If you do not complete each step and enter valid information for the offer it may not pay when you are through.
  • most are trial membership offers.  For example:  dietary products, health and beauty product samples,discount and savings membership sites or clubs, service businesses such as auto clubs, gift sites, business products or services for business owners and managers ie:email fax numbers, postage programs, etc.
  • The very first thing you need to do is evaluate the terms, conditions, cost after the trial, and requirements for participation or usage and often require that in order to avoid the membership auto renewing at the endof the trial period that you contact them via phone or postal mail to cancel your membership account.   If you are so much as one day overdue on cancellation of this subscription they will enroll you into their regular program and all the terms and conditions of the distributor will then be enforced and your payment source debited to satisfy the membership fees outlined in the offer at the time of sign-up.
  • either print out both the terms of the offer or note them down on a piece of paper.  Make sure when payment is accepted and your trial begins that you note the phone number or physical address specified for cancellation of your trial.  The requisites stipulated for cancellation within the span of the trial period,  and the specific process by which the program accepts early cancellation of subscription.

NOTE:(They do not intend for the cancellation process to be easy for the simple reason:"it is not in their best interest to make it easy nor do they offer the contact information in an easy to find or prominently displayed portion of their marketing site, if they offer it at all!  So ALWAYS,ALWAYS,ALWAYS make sure that you note it all down a well as print the membership agreement, terms, and your actual screenshot of your information (print this just prior to submission).

When the transaction is completedis normally when and where the company must post unsubscibe contact info and the exact policy for withdrawl from their program.  Often that information screen is time sensitive meaning it will display for a breif period, usually 20-60 seconds before redirecting the new "subscriber" the member benefits landing page.  Which is where they will try to convince you that this service, or promotional product is going to, in short order, make itself invaluable or neccessary for you to use and keep using.


The calendar program (or good old fashioned calendar) is now ESSENTIAL to the success of this endeavor!

  1. Count of the number of days that the trial period specifies.
  2. Back date the expiry date on your calendar for at least 2-5 days previos to the expiration date of the offer. (example if a thirty day trial ends on March 3rd then schedule your reminder for Feb 28th or March fist.  Always leave yourself at least a 24 hour cusion in which to actually reach the cancellation dept during business hours!)
  3. If you are using a desk calendar post this calendar in prominent sight in a place in your home where you usually go to every day.(office,corkboard in the kitchen,  restroom wall,wherever your spot is that you know you will see every day the cancellations that are pending in order to earn your reward for completing the offer for just the $1 trial fee or shipping and handling of the trial product to you.)
  4. Track your earnings and earliest cashout projections.  Note the time frame offered by the membership club for the sponsor to notify the promoter of your completion status.  Some it is same day, some are even instant, however the norm is two to four weeks (which enables the promoter to receive his fees or commissions from the manufacturer or distributor.)
  5. I have gotten various checks from sendearnings, inbox dollars, and other companies for completing  offers for the exact same trials, and products offered on seperate reward sites!  $1 to join or  < (less than)$3.95 s & h to receive $5.00 or even $30 depending on the offer.  For just that single outlay of a minimal finanacial commitment.

Send earnings pays me 3-4 checks per year totalling $40 up to $118  for what essentially was an outlay of time and $7-24 dollars from my prepaid debit card.


Inbox dollars-  2-5 checks a year for $25 or more each


Even lightspeedpanel survey group pays members $10-20 every 1 - 3 months depending on participational volume on your part. has a great affiliate progam that pays out quarterly like clockwork.  Webmasters can customize links to specific products or product categories.  Like the ad below.

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  People all over the world are running from one snake oil salesman to the next trying to scrape up just a little bit of spare cash to supplement their already straining budgets.  One more monthly exspense and  both your budget and you are going to SNAP! right?  Well , there are still companies and people online that are not looking to make a buck just selling something to you to show you how to sell more of it to everyone you know.  Some sites see the value of helping people to build incomes, or just extra pocket money, without costing the member some ridiculous outlay every single month for products that are overpriced, questionably nutritive, and not a must have in your household.
Best free money sites wants to help you take advantage of free to join savings clubs and sites and surverys that actually will mail you a check for the full amount that they promise, and send it to you when they say they will!  There are all kinds of products and brick and mortar businesses that you have been using for years, sometimes generations that have now established a web prescense.  They don't mind giving you the consumer the freedom to shop for the products that your household needs from the comfort of your home and delivering those products promptly to you.  Yes they love it when you refer people to their sites too.  Allow me to show you several sites that pay regularly to all the members that use their sites for shopping, surveys, services, advertising, reading emails, and lots of other things.  Without charging you a monthly credit, without you having to try new, odd sounding and dubiously derived "whole food products that your kids won't eat!  They just want to pass on the savings of building more stores, hiring more people, and the logistics of all these things on to you for shopping directly through their website.

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