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Jobs and Work at home opps

Jobs and work at home

   One of the main reasons that Americans have for working from home.  "I wanted to spend more time with my family,but who can afford not to have two incomes in a household anymore?"
   For some full time parents, the stay-at-home parents raising a family is the  job that comes first and so the "work" must come home too!

Local and regional employment resources for job seekers and employers

Desert Help Wanted

Here are several links to both free and membership sites that will help you find paying opportunities online.

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Work at home

At home typist  needed immediately! Click Here!

Home based business opps
( < $50  startup cost)




A new SFI affiliate recruitment gateway focusing on the incredible income possibilities of the program. Affiliates who market internationally can also use the following Gateways, designed to better attract people in your target country: - Canada - Australia - Euro - Switzerland - India - Russia - Japan - Singapore - Generic International

Come take a look at all that this free-to-join downline home based opportunity can offer you!

SFI is a free-to-join  marketing opportunity of unlimited potential.   All you have to do is keep your monthly member points above ten and refer people to your gateway sites so that they can take advantage of the products, the opportunity, or both!  SFI provides info, duplicated site portals branded with your affiliate id, and resources for every step of the way from "getting started" and promotional resourses to ongoing marketing of your growing SFI business.  I truly cannot say enough about this program and the potential that it presents.
  Getting started is free, they provide "landing gateways", advertising banners and links, also text and flash ads to help drive potential customers and future SFI business owners to your portals.
    Their products are innovative and relevant, they range from Natural cleaning products.(See veriuni gateway below.) , to health and wellness products that are comparable with many of the premium products offered on the market today, marketing and information resources at the lowest prices that I have ever seen for materials of this quality and caliber!  Internet online services, domain registration,and even residential long distance telephone service.
  They offer good quality products and many great products that you will truly enjoy using and replacing more expensive and less effective products used around your house right now.  At very reasonable prices.  If you only check out one free-to-join work from home opportunity this year, it should definitely be this program!
   There is nothing holding you back from the future of your dreams but you!  Get started for free today!

SFI gateways to the opportunity,the products, and the programs that truly make SFI great!


SFI main gateway

Main SFI portal - click here!

Affiliate Gateway - sign up form and info for SFI affiliate marketing opportunity.
Click-bux gateway

"The secrets of internet millionaires." (bundle)
Information, instructions, tools, and resouces bundle that can set you on the road to internet marketing sucess with any product!

"Honey I fired the boss!"  gateway to information about the work-at-home lifestyle.
Veriuni(r) products gateway -  health & beauty products, household items, wellness products, and even all natural cleaning products!
The international assn. of home business entrepeneurs- mebership assn for HBB owners
Veriuni - earth and family friendly cleaning products
Veriuni -nutritional supplements
Veriuni -  residential long distance service great rates from SFI's own long distance telephone service.
"Mining gold" by Shawn Casey - e book
SFI Isp - Internet online service from SFI

Great Domina - domain registration services

Wireless service - SFI's cellular  & wireless products and services

Nationwide house sitting directory.  Stay in beautiful homes and get paid for it!

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  People all over the world are running from one snake oil salesman to the next trying to scrape up just a little bit of spare cash to supplement their already straining budgets.  One more monthly exspense and  both your budget and you are going to SNAP! right?  Well , there are still companies and people online that are not looking to make a buck just selling something to you to show you how to sell more of it to everyone you know.  Some sites see the value of helping people to build incomes, or just extra pocket money, without costing the member some ridiculous outlay every single month for products that are overpriced, questionably nutritive, and not a must have in your household.
Best free money sites wants to help you take advantage of free to join savings clubs and sites and surverys that actually will mail you a check for the full amount that they promise, and send it to you when they say they will!  There are all kinds of products and brick and mortar businesses that you have been using for years, sometimes generations that have now established a web prescense.  They don't mind giving you the consumer the freedom to shop for the products that your household needs from the comfort of your home and delivering those products promptly to you.  Yes they love it when you refer people to their sites too.  Allow me to show you several sites that pay regularly to all the members that use their sites for shopping, surveys, services, advertising, reading emails, and lots of other things.  Without charging you a monthly credit, without you having to try new, odd sounding and dubiously derived "whole food products that your kids won't eat!  They just want to pass on the savings of building more stores, hiring more people, and the logistics of all these things on to you for shopping directly through their website.

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