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Free money on the internet for everyone?
It seems like we can't go anywhere online or realtime without seeing billboards, fliers, postcards, online ads, popups, and come-ons telling us that there is free money to be had on the net.
  Everywhere you look it seems, there are links to reward programs and online points clubs, incentive offers and GPT (get paid to) membership sites.  You turn on your computer and what do you get when you open an email link?  Pop-up ads telling us about some incentive offer or free gift that we just won, while the site is advertising any number of "free" stuff  offers.  The you to have this gift from them, and all you have to do is fill out your contact information and sign up for a couple of offers.....
  Some of these types of offers and reward sites are quite reputable and can be quite rewarding.  Either in direct payment of cash (via Paypal or check or even debit to your bank account!)  However many of the offers are impossible to fulfill the required numbers of sign ups and credit card offers, and product trials or purchases at "discounted" prices.
I want all the visitors that view "best free money" to know  that all of the sites, banners, and links are tested and checked regularly to ensure that they are not a "scam site" and that they pay!
Your Webmistress Sharon Early is not just an affiliate or advertiser of the sites listed here, I am also a member and these sites have paid me over and over again!
To all viewers of this site:
All sites listed here are tested before being included. I personally sign up as a regular member and complete requirements for each membership and when I reach the specified cash out floor, I request my earnings. 
 Only after I have 'test driven" the membership will I ever add a link or banner to this site inviting my visitors to join my downline, or group, or referral list for a reward program of which I continue to be a member.  So if a program gets shaky or things stop being as rock solid I will notify you right here and immediately remove any non paying link from this site.
I wish to ensure that all sites meet a certain minimal criteria. That criteria is:
  • Do they pay members on time and in full?
  • Is there support for members and how quickly do they normally respond to the queries or concerns expressed by their members?
  • do they offer support links to frequently asked questions and requirement info?
  • is the program on an established and trustworthy site?
  • who is sponsoring the site, the offers, or is the reward/incentive being offered by a private affiliate?

There are a few bad apples out there so be careful and read the terms of membership before joining any site where you may have to give your information to third parties in order to qualify for the incentives offered.  Make sure that the minimum required amount to cash out is "do-able".


In short I recommend that before you join any incentive program or offer any personal information at all that you do at least a minimal amount of "homework" to assure yourself that when it comes time to get paid, That they will pay you on time and in full!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Links for Webmasters and Super-Affiliates

P.C. Pandora

Domain name suggestion tool

World wide email address finder

fins anyone's email address. Reconnect with customers or friends that you haven't heard from in years! --click here--

Profit Moffatt's Free Niche Browser.

Instant Adsense Empire 231 Websites

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start earning your part of the internet "free money" pie!!
I can and will show you how!

Best free money sites offers links and advice for everyone that has an interest in making "free" money from:


  • rewards sites
  • meta rewards
  • surveys
  • work from home
  • free (and opportunities to start your own business for less than $50 )
  • Low cost and no cost downline clubs and HBB opportunities
  • information, tips, and tricks to finding the real "free" money on the web and getting it reliably and from the comfort of home.

Hey, I have found a web community that lets you sound off and get paid for it! Serious, it's not one of those crazy scam sites, this is for real. Get paid for oposting discussion topics and for responding to other peoples posts. What could be easier? It is the digital version of, "A penny for your thought."

There is also a scholarship or $$$ futures trading site that is free to join. The scholarship is for $400 and is based on your ability to predict the future. Check it out at

Are you ready to 'Fire The Boss?'
Let SFI help you find the path to financial freedom!
Free to join downline program with hundreds of relevant and neccessary products & services



A new SFI affiliate recruitment gateway focusing on the incredible income possibilities of the program. Affiliates who market internationally can also use the following Gateways, designed to better attract people in your target country: - Canada - Australia - Euro - Switzerland - India - Russia - Japan - Singapore - Generic International

Come take a look at all that this free-to-join downline home based opportunity can offer you!

SFI is a free-to-join  marketing opportunity of unlimited potential.   All you have to do is keep your monthly member points above ten and refer people to your gateway sites so that they can take advantage of the products, the opportunity, or both!  SFI provides info, duplicated site portals branded with your affiliate id, and resources for every step of the way from "getting started" and promotional resourses to ongoing marketing of your growing SFI business.  I truly cannot say enough about this program and the potential that it presents.
  Getting started is free, they provide "landing gateways", advertising banners and links, also text and flash ads to help drive potential customers and future SFI business owners to your portals.
    Their products are innovative and relevant, they range from Natural cleaning products.(See veriuni gateway below.) , to health and wellness products that are comparable with many of the premium products offered on the market today, marketing and information resources at the lowest prices that I have ever seen for materials of this quality and caliber!  Internet online services, domain registration,and even residential long distance telephone service.
  They offer good quality products and many great products that you will truly enjoy using and replacing more expensive and less effective products used around your house right now.  At very reasonable prices.  If you only check out one free-to-join work from home opportunity this year, it should definitely be this program!
   There is nothing holding you back from the future of your dreams but you!  Get started for free today!


OGR- (Instant payments for every completed survey via Paypal)



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All solutions network, is really that, they offer solutions for everyone! Join me in this FREE downline club today and get your own site -CLICK HERE NOW! YOU WON'T REGRET IT-IT'S FULL OF GREAT OFFERS AND PARTNERSHIPS FOR NATIONAL NAME BUSINESSES THAT YOU USE EVERYDAY ANYWAY. - All solutions network

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Are you a member of a great opportunity or free downline club.  Are you getting paid for surfing or reading emails online?  If you are we want to know about it!
email  "prgrms"  as the subject to:

$Get paid to read, try, refer, take surveys, and much more (click banner  below):$

Send Earnings

Get paid to read, try, refer, take surveys, and much more
$ :$

DOEARN.COM-meta reward site

  We are all tired of the scam sites, and the pyramid scemes that want you to buy all kinds of merchandise from them so that they can "get started making you lots of money!"

  It feels like these days you cannot surf the net or open your email box without finding some MLM or get rich quick and retire early scheme waiting to fleece you dry.  Thousands of people every month are trying to start a home based business with these downline clubs and survery networks that want them to subscribe to a monthly cash commitment so that they can guide them to the path of a new fuller, richer, more satisfying income and life. 
And it doesn't even have to be a lot of money to satisfy us.  Be honest people, who among us could not find use for an extra $50 - $100 dollars every month.  Well what if I told you that you can?  On multiple sites again and again and again?

What I mean by that is that most people that have had a internet connection for more than a year have tried one or more ways of trying to create a second income on the net. 
Let's be honest, most people are not trying to get rich off of the net, they just want to tap into some of the "resourses" that they hear about in newspapers and on tv. That say that ordinary people can make some easy money online.  We don't want to retire we just want a little more  "mad money" in our lives.  And don't tell us about auction affiliateships, internships, work from home scams and schemes. 
Most of us did not strike it rich and in fact have had about ENOUGH with the internet money game!

Secret profits-from an online cash cow:
How to cash in over and over again on the GPT/meta reward gateway sites.  $20 $50 even $80 in cash offerred to members to subscribe, try for free, and read emails for the cost of s&h (less than $5.00 usually!), or $1 trial period.
They are sites that are set up by affiliates and marketers that have multiple sites, companies, or offers that they partner with to get people to try new products, services and member organizations. The site has a vested interest in giving their members incentives to get them to sign up or try their advertiser's offers.  The idea behind the rewards offers is that if the advertiser can make it risk free or even offer members a little extra to try a $1 trial or a free product with no out of pocket expense other than shipping of the product more people will use their affiliate link to sign up to try the offers.  They get paid for every person who does.  So they pay you to keep coming back and trying new offers!

Meta reward sites
This class of site is both the trickiest and the easiest free money maker on the web.  If you know how to do it right and you are detail oriented, there is nothing stopping you from making a $1 investment into $5 * $10 $25 even $30.  All from a one dollar, promotional "trial membership" club or product marketing sites.
What meta rewards

  • promotional gateways created to guide users to specific trial products, giveaways, contests, merchandisers, health & beauty products, focus groups, etc.
  • easy to make money from with a little attention to details, investigation, an onlineor even offline calendar (with plenty of space for notes and such, a credit or debit card (
  • A "middleman" between their prospect list and the product or service provider organizations, companies, and individuals.  Ordinarily they are mega-marketers for affiliate and downline club groups that host the offers and even offer links to advertise, post, market, and even "cost per click" advertise the affiliate or unique url provided to them to track their referrals and the referrals status for each offer or group of offers.
  • Independant.  Neither employed by nor overseen by the brands, companies, and concerns which they promote.  Most companies that do 'meta" sites are bound by a rather ironclad agreement between them and the entities that they are to promote.  The legal agreements and stipulations related to each offer are extensive and often quite comprehensive, for the purpose of insuring the entity offering the trial, or sample, or membership is not open to liability due to the promoters tactics or ad venues


NOTE:.(I must add that having been a member of many sites, services, and corporations that offer incentivized products or services they DO police their users and promoters quite stringently in order to weed out any "bad apples" before they cause a loss of reputation, market perception, and or money due to claims, representations, and inducements that are used to promote their product.)

prepaid cards are advised! They are also quite convenient and easy to get and use, and a membership to one of many reward sites or companies.  (These memberships are normally not just free, but often carry an initial incentive to entice the consumer to join and submit their contact info.) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What meta-rewards sites are not:

Meta-controversy. Meta reward programs study from the 1970's through today.

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more "cash cow" on meta rewards and incentive mega sites page (click link below)

I am not here to add to yur woes or i-net disappointment stories.  If you're looking for those you obviously have a good job and are just surfing the net to see all the tales about MLM nightmares etc.
Not Here!  I just wanna link you up with some of the best free to join, or low start cost, programs that really do pay people like us every single day!
Checking emails, reading ads, playing games, answering surverys, trying new products, even for requesting free information from other sites.  There are really companies on the web that will pay you for this!  Not just once but over and over again.


Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, so please check back often.
                                                                          Webmistress SM Early

  People all over the world are running from one snake oil salesman to the next trying to scrape up just a little bit of spare cash to supplement their already straining budgets.  One more monthly exspense and  both your budget and you are going to SNAP! right?  Well , there are still companies and people online that are not looking to make a buck just selling something to you to show you how to sell more of it to everyone you know.  Some sites see the value of helping people to build incomes, or just extra pocket money, without costing the member some ridiculous outlay every single month for products that are overpriced, questionably nutritive, and not a must have in your household.
Best free money sites wants to help you take advantage of free to join savings clubs and sites and surverys that actually will mail you a check for the full amount that they promise, and send it to you when they say they will!  There are all kinds of products and brick and mortar businesses that you have been using for years, sometimes generations that have now established a web prescense.  They don't mind giving you the consumer the freedom to shop for the products that your household needs from the comfort of your home and delivering those products promptly to you.  Yes they love it when you refer people to their sites too.  Allow me to show you several sites that pay regularly to all the members that use their sites for shopping, surveys, services, advertising, reading emails, and lots of other things.  Without charging you a monthly credit, without you having to try new, odd sounding and dubiously derived "whole food products that your kids won't eat!  They just want to pass on the savings of building more stores, hiring more people, and the logistics of all these things on to you for shopping directly through their website.

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