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Hello and welcome to Best free money sites

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 Shay Early



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S.M. Early

Welcome to my best free to join, free to earn, free money sites.
Our Mission
     The mission and goal of BFMS is to provide to anyone on the internet, absolutely free a site that previews, points-out, and provides regular people with truly free money making opportunity websites from around the world and from just around the block. There are literrally millions of websites available to the general public. Hundreds of thousands of those sites are reward or "opportunity" style websites*. Which stands to reason when talking or thinking about the internet. Websites, hosting,server space,  advertising venues, and promotions and marketing campaigns can be costly for the advertiser or site owner. Thus they would not go to all the trouble and expense to not get a return upon that investment. Both the financial and the investment of their time
     The internet has also become one of the most used information services for shopping, bargain hunting, and purchasing products and services at rates that beat any brick and mortar retail locations ability to provide. Due to the costs of retail space fees (i.e. rental and lease fees), advertising, untilities, employees, security and all of the other things that a retailer off the net must pay for as part of the normal course of doing business. That also stands to reason, without a 100-500% markup of the purchase price by the retailer the business would very quickly begin spending more money than it was earning in revenues. Very quickly after the start of the negative profits any business would have to close it's doors to mitigate loss of capital as much as possible.
     So we have established the reasons behind online shopping becoming the "preferred" method  of comparing prices, features, and brands  available. We have also given the top reasons why costs online are much lower than the realtime or brick-and-mortar storefront prices, and we have established that without a return upon invested time and capital that web-site building is rarely undertaken.
Now the $64,000 question (joke), What are the three most commonly use words found ont internet websites of all kinds?
  1. Free
  2. Bonus
  3. Sale


This website is inteded to provide links, advice, research and analysis of the opportunities that are being offered online for regular people to make money. Best free money sites is also intended to provide an example of some of the best free programs that you average everyday people can use to make money online.
And suggestions as to how other marketers have used the same tools and made money online with them.
Best free money sites also has an online forum for discussing Opportunities, Scams, programs that do or don't deliver on their promises, and what is hot in:
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Get paid to sites
  • Meta reward sites
  • Survey's that pay and surveys that only allow you to cash in your points for gifts and prizes.
  • Advertising Venues
  • New programs
and much, much more!
I am your webmaster/mistress Shaydinthedesert, and I would like to share some ideas and sites that could become very significant and beneficial you fairly quickly so if you are ready, so am I!
Let's look and see what the World Wide Web has for us today!?
Affiliate program and affiliate product promotion.
Downline or referral incentive based sites
Matrix style downlining _____________________________________________
     Let us first ask the question,
Q. "What is the difference between Affiliate program marketing and affiliate procduct marketing?"
A.     Many people new to Affiliate relationship marketing will tend to believe that these two words are interchangable with one another and mean the same thing.Affiliate program marketing and product marketing as you can probably guess, are two completely different parts of the same whole. However one is a little more adventurous and potentially much more lucrative than the other.
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An affiliate program worth taking a close look at!_____________________

The fist affiliate program that we are spotlighting is





  • The program is absolutely free to join and continued membership is also free.
  • is a name that is recognized worldwide for reliabitlity, great prices, and easy access and multiple discount and purchase options for customers.
  • Amazon guarantees the delivery and high quality of the product whether you're purchasing an Amazon product or a product offered by one of Amazon's online partners.
  • Multiple categories for locating what you're shopping for quickly and easily.
  • Best price price comparisons of new and used items.
  • Amazon provides a host of banners, buttons, text ads, and other creatives for easy cut and pasting of HTML code and Javascript right onto your site or at an advertising venue

In fact Amazon now offers to Lycos Tripod sites the abilitiy to create and deploy your very own Amazon "A store" ( an example is listed below ), which is full of items and product groups which you can select and even allows you to choose individual items to post in your store.

This affiliate realationship or partnership. The tools. The use of their name and logo, and even the A Store tools are all provided to affiliate partners free of charge.

If you have been considering joining a program that offers online web malls then an Amazon A store may be just the thing online mall for you!

Next steps

Ok so now you have applied to the affiliate program and have been approved.


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#1 Affiliate program pick!

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Blues Guitar


and online affiliate program.

Have you wanted to cash in on some of the hot web-trends that you watch blazing by you week after week and month after month. Do you want to make money online without having to creat your own product or having to spend money to get a sponsorship downline membership? Well here is your opportunity!
Knock!  Knock!

Here is the opportunity you have been looking for. Get tips, tools, tricks, and advice about the hottest affiliate and free downline marketing opportunities out there!

No games! no tricks! FREE memberships! no cost! sound good to you. Good!

Just solid info on how and where you and anyone else can cash in on the internet.

Join MyLot today. They pay you for saying what's on your mind!

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A new SFI affiliate recruitment gateway focusing on the incredible income possibilities of the program. Affiliates who market internationally can also use the following Gateways, designed to better attract people in your target country: - Canada - Australia - Euro - Switzerland - India - Russia - Japan - Singapore - Generic International

Come take a look at all that this free-to-join downline home based opportunity can offer you! Edit Text

SFI is a free-to-join  marketing opportunity of unlimited potential.   All you have to do is keep your monthly member points above ten and refer people to your gateway sites so that they can take advantage of the products, the opportunity, or both!  SFI provides info, duplicated site portals branded with your affiliate id, and resources for every step of the way from "getting started" and promotional resourses to ongoing marketing of your growing SFI business.  I truly cannot say enough about this program and the potential that it presents.
  Getting started is free, they provide "landing gateways", advertising banners and links, also text and flash ads to help drive potential customers and future SFI business owners to your portals.
    Their products are innovative and relevant, they range from Natural cleaning products.(See veriuni gateway below.) , to health and wellness products that are comparable with many of the premium products offered on the market today, marketing and information resources at the lowest prices that I have ever seen for materials of this quality and caliber!  Internet online services, domain registration,and even residential long distance telephone service.
  They offer good quality products and many great products that you will truly enjoy using and replacing more expensive and less effective products used around your house right now.  At very reasonable prices.  If you only check out one free-to-join work from home opportunity this year, it should definitely be this program!
   There is nothing holding you back from the future of your dreams but you!  Get started for free today! Edit Text


Becoming a web affiliate program marketer sounds a lot harder than it is. That’s usually because someone is offering to sell you the ‘secret’ to online wealth, right? Did you know that there are literally thousands of major Brand Name companies that are looking for affiliates and SEO marketers right now? They’re offering you the use of their name, products, and brand recognition,  FOR FREE! No gimmicks, no get rich quick downlining club, no overhead or up front costs. Just for placing their banners and ads where you feel that they will garner the most traffic and money. They even create the web banners and linking codes for you to cut and paste on any site or web group that you are allowed to post them to.


The simple abc’s of affiliation:


            Finding affiliate opportunities and sites is not difficult at all. Just about any merchandizing site you visit has a link at the bottom of their site for an affiliate program. From Wal-Mart and K-mart to and Zoomerang. A thru Z and any type of products that you could need or want and would be proud to represent.


  1. Select programs.
  2.  Join programs.
  3. Get affiliate links and banners.



It is quite simple once you get these links and banners to spread them out across the internet you can post them to free boards, you can use search engine optimization, you can put your links on a links rotator or auto surf site to build hits, or you can build your own website. Building a website is not easy but it is the least expensive and the trickiest way to market affiliate links. SEO optimization is also tricky and difficult but we will address these methods in other articles on this site.



Selecting programs


            You can find numerous sites that specialize in advertising for affiliate programs. Clixgalore, Clickbank, Leadermarkets (See links listed below) those are just a few of the sites which specialize in linksharing and affiliate programs. They have many different categories of  products and services and even information products such as e-books. The programs which they advertise however are offered by companies that may have their own requirements in regards to the amount of traffic that you must direct to their site or sales quotas that must be fulfilled in order for you to earn commissions. Make sure that you read the user agreements carefully to ensure that you are aware of these and that you can fulfill them.

            Get involved. Look for sites on the web that offer free information on managing affiliate programs and advertising venues and methods.


Join Programs

            It is easy to join affiliate programs. You find the link on the site for the affiliate program and then you fill out the application. They will normally respond within a day or so letting you know your username and password so that you can log in and get your affiliate links.


Get affiliate links an banners

            Wherever you are going to post or advertise them you will need to get your affiliate links and banners. The links are usually quite simple to find and simple to post. The banners will be in HTML or Java coding so that you can upload them to a website. They are already preimprinted with your affiliate code so that you will get credit for any sales that are made from people who use your links. Keep a copy of all of your codes handy in a word processing folder so that you can find them easily for placement at a site.

Join MyLot today. They pay you just for saying what's on your mind!

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